About Computec Consulting

My name is Graham Trott. I’m based in the Leeds area where I trade as Computec Consulting, offering advice and solutions for a range of hardware and software related development topics, particularly where a mixture of the two is required. I have several decades-worth of experience in embedded systems, software and websites. My mission is to find the simplest and most effective way of achieving the desired results, not by simply following conventional procedures but by starting by asking what is really needed and discussing with my client the options available to find the one we should use.

My recent work has been entirely in software but in years past I was involved in a number of embedded control system projects; see the link on the left. The nature of computing has changed and evolved such that its component parts are now completely modular. The devices that interface to real-world hardware are powerful computers in their own right, and with the right software a web browser can now be an appropriate means of displaying system information. This means that the technologies and techniques used in past decades are often now obsolete, so any new project should be approached in a way that is fully mindful of new technologies that are constantly becoming available. This is not to say that new is always better, but we should be ready to embrace change wherever it offers a recognisable advantage.

I operate on the principle that the software tools used for a project should be as general as possible unless you are able to guarantee long term in-house software support. This avoids locking customers into technologies that might be unsupported in the future and for which suitable experts might be hard to find. Fashions in software come and go and it’s not always best to pick the latest and greatest as there will inevitably be the risk of leaving the project orphaned, with no way to make changes later.

One very good productivity technique is to write the operating code in an English-like “domain specific” programming language (DSL) that can be understood by the customer, who I always assume is not a programmer. DSLs offer the advantage of quicker development, fewer mistakes (because the customer can see and understand his own operating code) and easier long-term maintenance. I have many years’ experience of designing and building languages of this kind and I provide all the source files (Java or JavaScript) so they can be picked up later by another programmer. For an example of what a language of this type looks like please visit the EasyCoder website, which is for a WordPress plugin that avoids the need to use JavaScript when customising pages or posts.

I am also able to create Android apps. For an example see Scanna Pro.


mobile: 07402 810448
WhatsApp: +39 335 160 4337