Computec Consulting

“It’s very easy to make things complicated, but it’s very hard to make them simple”

Based in West Yorkshire, Computec Consulting offers consultancy and development to private or commercial customers, the aim always being to make things as simple as possible. Here’s a list of areas where we can often help:

— Advice on choosing the “right” technical strategy
— Software and hardware integration
— Embedded controllers, e.g. Arduino
— Android apps
— Java, PHP and JavaScript expertise
— Custom domain-specific programming languages
— WordPress customisation
— Repurposing older computers using Linux (includes provision of basic training)

If you need help with a computer-based solution to a real-world problem then please call, with no obligation.


mobile: 07402 810448 (UK) or +39 335 160 4337 (Italy)
WhatsApp: +39 335 160 4337

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